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The Best Bathtub Tea | Sitz Bath Ever

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Treat yourself to this delightful sitz bath! Premium ingredients for after birth soreness. Soak the pain away and speed healing. Lavender is an antibacterial herb and provides a very relaxing aroma. Rosemary "pulls" soreness out of bruised or healing tissues, increases circulation to the area to speed healing and is a "gladdening herb." It will lift your spirits. Sassafras is an analgesic (like aspirin for pain relief) and also an antibacterial. Comfrey knits torn or cut tissue together and speeds healing. One package contains four ready-to-use tea bags with instructions for preparing your bathtub "tea." 

Ingredients: Lavender, Comfrey Root and Leaf, Rosemary and Sassafras.

$25.00  4 pre-filled cloth bags, ready to steep and relax