Nutritious, good-tasting teas and treatments for the child bearing/postpartum woman and nursing mothers.

Herbs had been a part of my practice for many years, but was only using them for labor related issues; stopping a labor or maybe getting one started.  While working at a breastfeeding store, I tasted a commercial blend of ‘nursing tea’. Made me gag. Couldn’t believe all the ladies in the other room, here for some breastfeeding support, drank this stuff everyday.  They all laughed at my reaction and admitted they just “got it down” every day! Had to be a better combo of herbs to increase milk supply and not have to pinch your nose to choke it down. I know moms will do almost anything for their children, but, really? After some trial and error, lots of feedback and taste testing, the recipes and successful blends and combos of the Purple Thistle Tea Co. were packaged and made available for you to use. All teas and remedies are made my me for the Purple Thistle Tea Co, made with hand-selected, premium herbs, oils and ingredients, carefully blended to taste good, be effective and safe for ingestion. My intention is to help you have the best pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and nursing experiences possible for you!